“As siblings our paths may change as life goes along, but the bond between us will remain forever”

National Sibling Day 2024 

Adopting siblings is more than simply keeping brothers and sisters together.

It is about valuing the special relationship which provides a sense of identity, security and belonging throughout their lives.

Scotland’s Adoption Register celebrates National Siblings Day on 10th April 2024 with a heartfelt request to anyone considering growing their family through adoption to explore their skills and commitment to meeting the needs of brothers and sisters in Scotland.

To hear some real life stories of adopting siblings got to You Can Adopt and listen so some of their amazing podcasts. Here are some of our favourites about adopting siblings:

For More information on supporting siblings and sibling-like relationships visit the Stand up for Sibling’s website.


Our Next Exchange Day will be held on Thursday 20th June 2024 at Stirling Barracks. All approved prospective adopters and family finding workers are encouraged to attend.