Current Research

Children Moving Between UK Nations;

Children Moving Between UK nations reports on a research study undertaken by AFKA Scotland in 2021-22, funded by Scotland’s Adoption Register. It is the first national study, to our knowledge, which explores the frequency and context of children from elsewhere in the UK placed for adoption with families across Scotland. The study gathered first hand experiences and insights of both parents from Scotland who adopted their child(ren) from other UK jurisdictions and workers from both Local Authorities and Voluntary Adoption Agencies who have supported cross border adoptions. It was carried out by Jessica Cleary and Maggie Grant.
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The disruption of adoption and permanent fostering placements: a Scottish perspective reports on a research study undertaken by the University of Dundee and AFKA Scotland in 2021-22. The study is based on analysis of a range of reports and minutes of meetings held following the disruption of permanent placements, conducted by or on behalf of local authorities. It was carried out by Paula Jacobs, Tim Armstrong, Kate Mearns and Maggie Grant.Find Out More
Discussion Paper: Transitions from foster placements to adoptive families: foster carers’ perspective:

Scotland’s Adoption Register has recently undertaken a small study focusing on the perspective of foster carers in relation to the transition process. Linking with recent UK wide research (for example, Neil et al 2018), this is intended as a contribution to the development of new guidance about managing the transition process in the best way possible for the child.
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Born into Care

This report was commissioned as it is important to understand more about the circumstances in which removal of babies shortly after birth takes place in Scotland, and the work undertaken with parents to prevent separation where possible, and the children’s pathways and permanence outcomes.
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Permanently Progressing, Building secure futures for children in Scotland. This longitudinal study is exploring the pathways and outcomes for 1,836 children who became looked after in 2012-2013 when they were five or under and is currently in Phase 2 (2020-2024). For Phase 1 reports and more information:Find Out More

Supporting Roots is a
Report providing a broad picture of the needs of birth parents who have lost a child or children to ‘care’, and of the support and services that are currently available in Scotland. This report is designed to support best practice and service innovation.
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The Only Adoption Activity Day this year  will be on Saturday 28th September 2024 in Perth