Who Can Adopt in Scotland?

You can adopt in Scotland whether you are:
Single, in a relationship, married or in a civil partnership with or without children
Male, female, straight, lesbian, gay, trans or bisexual
A homeowner or renting


To ensure that every child gets the support and stability they deserve, there are a few criteria you need to be approved as an adoptive parent. You must:

  • be over the age of 21
  • have stopped fertility treatment if you’ve been trying to conceive
  • have a spare room at home: this could be a spare bedroom, or a room you’re not currently using as a bedroom, such as a study.


As part of the adoption assessment; a prospective adopter’s health, financial circumstances and employment status will always be explored. However, health conditions, low income or being unemployed will not in themselves automatically exclude a person from being approved to adopt.

Our Next Exchange Day will be held on Monday 22nd April 2024 at Dundee Caird Hall. All approved prospective adopters and family finding workers are encouraged to attend.